T&P Events


We ensure that each student is given the right industry exposure & skill development to meet high-end corporate expectations. The T&P Department continuously looks at job learning opportunities for students through live projects, research assignments, competitions, management games/ quizzes, industrial training, guest lectures, conferences, and seminars.

We also follow a stringent for Soft Skills Development & Corporate Communication which indeed is the utmost requirement to be in any industry. The dedicated team helps to bridge the gap for students between their campus and corporate life. It encompasses the development of overall personality, communication skills, corporate etiquette, and grooming while instilling the right attitude towards leading and working in a team with professional ethics and time management skills. Below are some of the activities which are organized by T&P.

List of activities conducted by the Department of Training and Placement:-

  1. Campus Placement Activities
  2. Mock Interviews
  3. Campus to Corporate Activities
  4. Recruiters Connect
  5. Dialog with our Pride Alumni
  6. Share the Baton
  7. e-HRAC-2020
  8. Career Fair
  9. Career Counselling
  10. Expert Talk from Industry People
  11. Webinar on NEP2020
  12. Entrepreneurship Development Program


Some Highlighted Activities which is being conducted by T&P Department are:-

  1. Pre-Placement Talk: The Pre-Placement Talk is an opportunity for  SLIETIANS to meet prospective companies and discuss their own interests and requirements for the placement. It is a kind of Presentation held by the company for the candidates, followed by Q&A session. It is also the chance for you to learn about the agency and what it might be like doing a placement there.

Topics Covered under PPT

1. Companies  Domain    2. Companies History 3. Why join them 
4. Selection Procedure      5. Their Uniqueness



2. Campus to Corporate:  It is a state of transition from being a student to becoming a professional. Placed students of our college interact with their senior colleagues, and faculty make a crisp presentation and develop habits that can help them stand out. Life skills and business skills are seamlessly woven into the program that softens the landing into the challenging corporate world. This program is organized in our college every year for placed students to give them accomplishment. We called this annual program by the name “UDAAN”. As per the tradition of the department since 2016 the department of Training and Placement, SLIET has conducted successfully the annual event “UDAAN”(Campus to Corporate) & distributed the offer of appointment to our class 2020 students.

Here are some glimpses of “UDAAN” 2020:

3.Placement Preparation Program: The Training and Placement department of SLIET is organizing the “Placement Preparation Program” for undergraduate students mostly for pre-final years. It will be going to benefit them in their future upliftment placement endeavour. The main objective of this program is to ensure uniform placement for each section of students. We stand up to the students by enhancing their Aptitude ability,  communication skills, group discussion, and overall personality development and by taking session which provides them with proper information and guidance.

Mainly four programs are covered under this:

  1. Share the “BATON”: It is an alumni student program where alumni of SLIET are going to share their experience of the industry and the workplace. Students clear their all doubts regarding the corporate world through this program.  They get to know all the points which can become barriers for their desired company. Alumni share their own good and bad experience which become a true lesson for our students.


  2. Aptitude Test: Aptitude Test Series is a topic-wise test designed to help the pre-final year students of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology to be more prepared and competent for their placement processes. Most prestigious companies like TCS, Infosys, Maruti, L&T, Orient, etc. conduct Aptitude Tests as their first round of selection. The training and Placement Department is conducting Aptitude Tests for the pre-final year students. Your score is marked and used for placement purposes in the future.

  3. Seminars: Seminars are organized for a day or a couple of days, with the aim of bringing together subject experts and industry professionals to share expertise and ideas. Seminars help you to improve your knowledge and enhance your skill. The “TRAINING AND PLACEMENT DEPARTMENT” of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET) is glad to announce that we are going to conduct seminars for the UG-2020 batch students. This will lead to higher productivity and fulfillment of their goals.

  4. GDPI: Group Discussion (GD) assesses the overall personality – thoughts, feelings, and behavior – of an individual in a group. A topic is presented to the group members for discussion. While the discussion is going on, a group of panelists observes them. Through this observation, they judge the intellectual, social, leadership, and communicative skills of candidates taking part in the GD

For more detail regarding Placement Preparation Program, click here

3. Career Counselling: In the career counseling process, our focus is set on assisting individuals to better understand themselves as well as current workplace trends, to facilitate informed career and educational decision-making by them. Overall, career counselors provide guidance and support to candidates at every step of their job search and make them confident to gain an edge over the competition.

Career counseling helps develop a wide range of skills such as:

– Better concentration
– Improved time management
– Conflict handling
– Collaboration
– Communication skills

4.Mock Interviews : Mock interview is like a simulation of an actual job interview. It provides our students with an opportunity to practice for an interview and receive feedback on their interviewing skills. The mock interviews are conducted as a practice job interview held with a professional career counselor. A mock interview helps our students to learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve communication skills, and reduce stress before an actual job interview.


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